Pure Nature!

Lake Puruvesi is a real national treasure and the pearl of the lake Saimaa. Crystal clear lake water is so clean that we can drink the water out of the lake. And it is fisherman’s dream and challange!

Fishes: salmon, whitefish, perch, pike, bream, brown trout, burbot, grayling, landlocked salmon, pike perch, grayling, vendace…etc. Clean fish meat from the pure nature!

In Finland we fish every day. In winter it just happens under the ice.

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Karelian Country Cottages Fishing 4

Karelian Country Cottages Fishing 5

Karelian Country Cottages Fishing 1


50€ per hour includes: max 3 persons, transfers, motor boat, life jackets and guide.

65€ per hour inclues: max 5 persons, transfers, motor boat, life jackets and guide.

Fishing in the lakes nearby. Book your fishing trip: Wilderness guide Ahti Kanervo

tel: +358 469 074 163 or by email: ahti.kanervo@hotmail.com

Ahti - the fisherman
Ahti – the fisherman



It doesn’t cost much to go fishing. Fishing management fee (year 2016) is 39 euros for a calendar year, 12 euros for the seven-day period and 5 euros for 24 hours.

Karelian Country Cottages Fishing 2Click the picture to get more information about the licences

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